Wo ist de Frosch?


Welcome to the official website of Stefan Wendt / software development and consulting.

Online applications and business automation is my primary focus. This includes everything from large consumer facing e-commerce internet applications to connecting your back office applications, possibly running in multiple office sites, with your own internet site.

It is my philosophy to identify all problems and requirements before engaging in finding a solution. We have a track record of delivering solutions on time and on budget and we often exceed the initial expectations of our clients. Previous projects have shown that requirements always change no mater how much time was spend during the initial phase of the project. Prototypes allow our clients to review the work and adjust the requirements. We consider this to be an essential part of the services we provide.

We have an expert level of expertise in the area of PHP, UNIX and OpenSource products. However, we also feel very comfortable to deliver solutions for the Windows world. Building brides between these two worlds using existing or new web-services while keeping a high focus on the internet is the key to our - and your - success.

I am based in Germany (north-west Germany, Niedersachen, close to Bremen), but I am by no means limited to this area. Many of my clients are located in Ireland and the UK. Dealing with English speaking clients and writing high quality English documentation is part of every days work.

The status of Stefan Wendt / software development and consulting is freelancer.

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